Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moving Closer to a Cure... and the Flames of Light to Lead Us There

As the holiday season approaches, we focus on the concept of giving gifts to others. Too often, we forget to give to ourselves: to acknowledge our strength to fight back sickness, our minds that stay constructive and our spirits high in hopes of a cure for pulmonary hypertension. PHA has focused on creating an environment of giving through programs and services, education and advocacy and continuing research but now it is imperative we do more to sustain ourselves and move into the future.

While the days become shorter we can get stuck in the darkness. This year, let us focus on the light and how we each can represent the brightness for ourselves, our loved ones and our community for the future. It is a simple task for each of us and together will solidify that we are united, we have a voice and we must be heard to find a cure.

Please show your support of PHA by sharing your "Points of Light" and keeping the flame ignited until we find a cure. Each person has a responsibility to stamp his/her own footprints for pulmonary hypertension and teach others to follow in those steps. Remember who you interact with daily, your business connections, your local goods and service providers. The best leaders do so by example - we are our best voice. Wishing us all a beautiful holiday season, celebrating family and friendships, reflecting on the sweetness of the past year and being good to ourselves and one another in peace.

With warmest smiles and helping carry the flame of hope,

Lisabeth Gansberg
Executive Director, PHA Midwest Chapter

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